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Imagine Nation "Living SIMPLY" workshops will be starting soon. Come back often to for course listings and registration information. Workshops will cover a wide-range of topics such as creating a more positive future, living your best life, finances, retirement, health and wellness, and parenting tips. There will be workshops on "going green", gardening, tai chi, yoga, arts and crafts, and much, much more. Led by specialists in their field, you'll have fun, learn something new, and be part of a community of interesting people just like you. If there are specific workshops you'd like to see offered email your suggestions to us, we'd love to hear from you.

  Ready to realize your dream? Here are the tools to help you do so successfully. Download your copy today!

Quickstep Guide (*download) $15.95
Read an excerpt.
"Nancy Nordstrom's "Quick Step Guide" is a little book packed with lots of great information. [It]is full of helpful methods to get you focused and keep you motivated while always keeping sight of your goal. Ms. Nordstrom anticipates the pitfalls for you and gives you strategies on how to utilize those hidden resources within yourself." M. Alfreda, Chandler, AZ

This book is also available in an e-reader version at Click here to pick up your copy today!

If you'd like to get an e-reader copy of Road Service, click here.

Vsit for a great variety of e-reader fiction and non-fiction books.
Power ProjectPower Project (*download for teens) - $15.95 Read an excerpt.

"Nancy writes in a manner that encourages teens to believe in themselves. She helps them understand that once they believe in themselves, anything is possible and no dream is out of reach!" P. Adams, Broken Arrow, OK

Note to Schools/Youth Organizations: this is a great companion to the prevention programs you utilize. Purchase a copy for yourself to discover a method where kids empower themselves to create a better and stronger world!
Ah, the Tick! (*download) - $15.95 Read an excerpt.

This is an insightful, allegorical story about an unlikely friendship. It will entertain and inspire adults, teens, and tweens! A fun, quick read, the messages gained from it will stay with you for years to come!

A variety of methods are used to help clients stay on track when on their journey to dream realization. Mandala meditations offer a means of creating clarity and defining focus.

 Thirty Minute Retreat -Thirty Minute Retreat$12.95 (order below)
a mandala meditation notebook measuring 6"x9" to fit in a purse, briefcase, or backpack. The 30 mandalas inside can be completed within just 30 minutes.
(delivery time: 5 to 7 business days)

"I really love using my mandala notebook! It's so relaxing to take the time out to work on one of the mandalas. Also, it helps give me inspiration for any problems that I am puzzling about. I can take my workbook anywhere and work on them when it's convenient." M. Lumpkin, Chandler, AZ
 "Creativity Recovery" (*download) - $15.95 (order below)
a mandala meditation workbook with prompts to get the most out of your meditation. The 30 full page mandalas are designed to rejuvinate creative spirit and restore imagination balance.

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Try a free mandala meditation for yourself!
 Thirty Minute Retreat:

Creativity Recovery Download:

Mandala Fortune Wheels are Here!
Spin these hand-crafted, decorative plates and discover the secrets that are held within your subconscious. Or watch the spinning plate to create a fantastic and ever-changing focal point for meditation or prayer.

The "Mandala Fortune Wheel" concept was conceived and created by Nancy Nordstrom. A variety of mediums are used just as with the centuries-old mandalas found in a variety of cultures around the world. All wheels are signed and no two plates are the same so once you make your choice, get your order in quickly!

Your wheel should arrive within 5 to 7 business days from the date of purchase. Along with the plate you will receive directions for reading your fortune. New wheels are added regularly so check back often!

(move mouse over wheel for name and order from the table below)
 (add $9.00 per plate for s/h; delivery time: 5 to 7 business days from date of purchase)
spin on small, 6.25"
red, gold, eggplant mandala on
white plate
 $19.95  SOLD somewhere orange/blue, 6.5"
blue beaded trim, painted orange
plate with 1/2-cut marbles
reaching on blue, 8.75"
blue plate with 1/2 cut marbles &
copper embellishment
 $24.95  SOLD pink balancing small, 6.5"
pink painted background w/blue,
green, and pink mandala
love flowers glitter, 8.75"
embroidered flowers on green glitter
with yellow flower studs top/bottom
love comes home copper, 6.5"
mandala on white plate, copper
painted trim
going where, 8.75"
1/2-cut marbles orange, yellow, blue,
and green on white plate
glittery directions, 6.5"
mandala painted in glitter with
glitter trim
four loves on yellow plate, 8.75"
purple, blue/gold mandala with black
 $24.95 SOLD flower motif on blue plate, 8.75"
blue on blue with red and silver
studs and black embellishments
 $24.95  SOLD
falling leaves in fabric, 8.75"
fabric oak leaves with orange 1/2-cut
dancing flower, clear glass, 9.0"
hand-painted blue, gree, and
yellow with touches of red
coming together yellow plate, 8.75"
orange, green, blue mandala on
yellow plate w/black embellishments
binding small, 6.25"
blue, green, yellow mandala on
white plate with rhinestones
 $19.95  SOLD
tribal rusty on multi-colored plate, 8.25"
with stones, glass, rope embellishments
and centered tribal design
 $30.00  SOLD red crystal eagle on white, 8.25"
red crystal-trimmed, center design
surrounded by black rope
moving thru blue clear plate,  9.0"
painted center and trim with colored
and clear glass stones
three springs on green glass, 7.75"
stone-filled center with moss trim and
glass stones of blue, green, clear, gold
mystic on clear glass, 10.5"
blue, clear, and gree glass stones
with silver tear drop embellishments
Peacock on clear glass, 9.0"
trimmed in multi-colored stones with
glass stone embellishments.
Bloom on clear glass, 9.0"
painted with rhinestone embellishments
and white painted background
 more coming soon!