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Read the opening Prologue of Nancy's first novel-to-be: Stark & Stern: The Royal Murder by clicking here.

Quickstep Guide
Read an excerpt.
"Nancy Nordstrom's "Quick Step Guide" is a little book packed with lots of great information. [It] is full of helpful methods to get you focused and keep you motivated while always keeping sight of your goal. Ms. Nordstrom anticipates the pitfalls for you and gives you strategies on how to utilize those hidden resources within yourself." M. Alfreda, Chandler, AZ

Power ProjectPower Project (for teens)
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"Nancy writes in a manner that encourages teens to believe in themselves. She helps them understand that once they believe in themselves, anything is possible and no dream is out of reach!" P. Adams, Broken Arrow, OK

Note to Schools/Youth Organizations: this is a great companion to the prevention programs you utilize. Purchase a copy for yourself to discover a method where kids empower themselves to create a better and stronger world!

 Road Service
Download the complete guide
A quick start to help you identify, define, and achieve your dream -- the jumper cable to your dream engine!

 Ah, the Tick!
Read an excerpt.
This is an insightful, allegorical story about an unlikely friendship. It will entertain and inspire adults, teens, and tweens! A fun, quick read, the messages gained from it will stay with you for years to come!

Nancy Nordstrom &
               Imagine Nation
Writer. Speaker. Goal Strategist. Crafter.

Nancy Nordstrom is a  transplanted Californian who is  now a long-time resident of Arizona with 2 kids,2 dogs, and 2 cats!

Along with her copywriting and marketing experience, Nancy has published in magazines and local newspapers and has written monthly articles for this site.  She has two completed mandala meditation notebooks that will soon be available for purchase when the Imagine Web-Store is open. In the meantime, try one now by clicking the link below.

Nancy has also just finished the first manuscript of her a Stark & Stern mystery/crime series and is actively seeking both an agent and a publisher.

On this page you'll find a sampling of Nancy's writing, including a preview of her first Stark & Stern manuscript. All of these excerpts can be downloaded so pick one and start reading today!

Discover more about Nancy as a speaker and goal strategist by clicking the "Speaker/Strategist" link or if you ever wished to have your Life Story written, then check out "Imagine Life Stories".

And coming soon: the Imagine Store with books and home decor to motivate your dream realization spirit!

Creativity Recovery"
(excerpt not available)
This is a mandala meditation workbook with prompts to get the most out of your meditation. The 30 full page mandalas are designed to rejuvenate creative spirit and restore imagination balance.

Thirty Minute RetreatThirty Minute Retreat
(excerpt not available)     
This is a mandala meditation notebookmeasuring 6"x9" to fit in a purse, briefcase, or backpack. The 30 mandalas inside can be completed within just 30 minutes. 

"I really love using my mandala notebook! It's so relaxing to take the time out to work on one of the mandalas. Also, it helps give me inspiration for any problems that I am puzzling about. I can take my workbook anywhere and work on them when it's convenient." M. Lumpkin, Chandler, AZ